Grappa | History of

Grappa is a fragrant, acid-based pomace brandy originating in Italy. Pomace is the left-over grape seeds, skins, and stalks from the wine making process. These products are then fermented and distilled to make this potent beverage. It is said that a Roman soldier was the first to make grappa in the first century A.D., using distillation equipment he stole from the Egyptians. However, around 1600 A.D., Jesuits from Italy, Spain, and Germany tested and solidified the grappa making process into a method that was used for centuries. On the taste-buds, grappa can take on several different flavors depending on the types of grapes used in the wine making process. Perhaps one of the most prominent grappa distilleries in the world is the Nonino Grappa Distillery in Ronchi Di Percoto. Established in 1897, it has stayed true to its roots and has innovated the realm of grappa making. For over 120 years, Nonino Grappa has produced some of the world’s leading grappa and has become renowned in the celebrity scene. We are proud to offer two of Nonino's critically-acclaimed grappa's here at Bodega, as well as a variety of other quality grappas. 

Bodega’s Grappa Selections

  1. Grappa Riserva Botti da Madeira, Madeira Wood Finish, Sibona

  2. Nonino ‘Gioiello’ Distillato di Miele Diacacia Grappa

  3. Grappa Nonoino 43 degrees

  4. Bottega Morbida

  5. Pisoni Grappa Trentina

  6. Rialto Veneta Grappa

  7. Del Trentino Grappa Campi Del Sole

  8. Ducale Stravecchia Acquaite di Vinaccia

  9. Poli Miele, Honey, Liquore a base di grappa

  10. Poli Elisir Camomilla Liquore

  11. Poli Vaca Mora Amaro Veneto

  12. Poli Sarpa di Poli Grappa

  13. Poli Cleopatra Grappa